Corporate Workshops

Tararam’s team bonding workshops are an energetic and uplifting experience for both the body and the soul!
Our various body drumming and rhythm workshops are customized to suit conferences and corporate events and are great for pure drumming entertainment.
Over the years, Tararam has developed a unique series of patterns and sequences that incorporate various sounds that one can produce from the human body through tapping and patting on various body parts as well as using their hands to clap and their feet to stomp. The workshops combine the various performance skills of the group including body percussion and drumming on various drums and everyday objects. They equip the participants with new skills, reduce stress, enhance their creativity and capability to concentrate, communicate and improvise, all the while challenging their inhibitions within the group. The workshops are known to improve the participant’s coordination, teamwork and unity.

The workshops are suitable for groups of 5 to 5,000 and can held in indoor or large outdoor venues.

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