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Private event shows

A customized rhythmic show for an unforgettable private event experience! Tararam’s performance combines drumming, dance, dazzling lighting effects, and interactive audience engagement. Our seasoned production team specializes in crafting a one-of-a-kind show designed to meet the specific requirements of your private event, ensuring it complements the type of occasion, audience, and venue. With a wealth of experience in various private events, Tararam stands out for its ability to integrate original concepts and collaborate with producers, directors, designers, and copywriters who value working with us. Moreover, you have the opportunity to create your own personalized musical number, taking center stage amidst the cheers of friends and family, as our talented Tararam artists will guide you through each step, from preparing the shared item in our studio to the electrifying stage performance. This captivating and pride-filled moment brings joy to the event host and guests alike. Additionally, you may consider purchasing personalized drumsticks with engraving for distribution to all guests, offering a cherished keepsake that ensures your event is truly unforgettable.


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