Management workshop

Tararam’s rhythm workshop for management is an invigorating and rhythmic journey that rejuvenates both body and soul! This  corporate workshop weaves together the essentials of body percussion with dynamic movement and drumming with sticks. Participants, in the midst of clapping hands, stomping feet and movement, embark on a musical exploration where they learn diverse rhythms in various musical and movement genres. As the music unfolds, participants forge a connection to a shared language within the group, where each individual’s distinct voice contributes to the collective harmony, fostering relationship building. Enriched by Tararam’s original music, this rhythm workshop offers a holistic experience that cultivates increased focus, positive change, and learning through the transformative power of music. Not only is this activity engaging and fun, but it also serves as a stress release and a platform for creative expression. Join us for a workshop that not only enhances musical listening skills, coordination, creativity, and agility but also elevates concentration and interpersonal and group communication skills. The duration of this impactful workshop is approximately one hour.


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